Pricing & How to Join

Competex Pro

Monthly fee

Competex Pro deducts a margin of £120* per month, irrespective of how many times you are paid within the month.

We charge a minimum margin of £360 per contract, so if your contract is under 3 months, we will deduct the remaining balance from the last tranche of income.

If during your contract you concurrently have an active personal service company administered by Competex, or if you are working through an agency with automated billing and payment systems, we will reduce the monthly charge by 20%.

This charge includes the cost of professional indemnity insurance (PI), employer’s liability insurance (EL) and public liability insurance (PL).

Contracting directly with your end client

The concept of working through a payroll umbrella company is relatively new to most end-clients and therefore their proposed contracts are often not fit for purpose. For this reason, if you are contracting directly with your end-client, rather than through an agency, we will provide the service contract with the end-client that sets out the terms of your assignment.

If on the other hand your end-client wishes to provide the contract, we will need to charge a contract review fee of £300 to be deducted as an additional margin from your first fee income.

How to join

To register with Competex Pro, you will need to:

  • Carry out an IR35 assessment for your assignment using the HMRC Check Employment Status for Tax tool
  • Complete the Competex Pro registration forms. Please note that when registering we require you to:
    • Attach a screenshot of the result of the CEST assessment to the Assignment Details form. In addition, a new CEST assessment screenshot would also need to be provided if the working practices change significantly in the course of the assignment.
    • Complete the SDC questionnaire which provides us with information about whether SDC exists or not in your contract (see here for more information on SDC).

Once we receive your details, review your documentation and complete our checks, we then draw up the contracts and add you to our payroll systems and you are ready to go.

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