What Our Clients Say

“May I just say that I have enjoyed working with you personally over the years – you have kept me sane, explained things clearly, answered my questions/concerns promptly and efficiently and just been an absolute pleasure to work with.  You have made my life so much easier!”

– S.M., Oxfordshire

Competex have dealt with my business accounts for over five years. They also prepare my personal tax return. They provide FreeAgent accounting software which is very easy to use and deals with VAT returns for example. Their advice is well-informed and gives me confidence.

– J.R., Edinburgh

“[I would recommend Competex] for two reasons – Competex are responsive. When I ring someone answers the phone. Secondly Competex give good advice and make sure I am aware of changes (such as MTD).

– S.W., Leicester

Extremely helpful, always responsive, having already coming highly recommended.

– J.I., Rayleigh

“Competex combine a mix of easy access to accounting reporting through their online systems, with dedicated personal support when required by phone or email. For me, having a specialist accountant experienced in supporting consulting and interim management, was much more important than having an accountant with a local presence who may not understand the needs of my business.”

– C.M., Wetherby

“Over many many years Competex staff have continued to provide a highly professional and easy to use accounting and financial service.  The service comes with good humour as well, just marvellous for such a dry subject.”

– A.S.

“I have been with Competex since I first went freelance 9 years ago. From forming my LTD Co, through making the various monthly & annual returns, they have shown great expertise & are very efficient.

Whenever there is something that I don’t understand, they are patient & unfailingly helpful. A pleasure to work with, I have no hesitation in recommending Competex.”

– J.S., Newbury

“The Competex team offer a responsive and personalised service.  I have used them as accountants and bookkeepers for my business and personal affairs and have enjoyed working with them.”

– J.K., Chiswick

“When looking to set up my own consultancy, and requiring clear accountancy guidance, I found that Competex provided a hassle free, easy to follow process at a competitive rate. Their staff are knowledgable, easy to contact and always helpful.”

– J.I., Guildford

“When I started my company 4 years ago, I went to Competex as I’d heard about them at a seminar.

I wasn’t looking forward to having to go through the process of getting everything set up, but Competex took care of absolutely everything. They were quick, kept me informed, and made the process totally ‘pain-free’.

Their provision of accountancy services is also extremely good, they provide all the necessary on-line/electronic forms, and whilst I still find going through the ‘paperwork’ something of a ‘drag’ the staff at Competex are on hand and have always been thoroughly helpful.

I would recommend Competex to anyone who is thinking of starting their own company.”

– M.A.

Amy FowlerWhat Our Clients Say