Compliance at Competex

We strive to serve our customers with integrity and compliant procedures. Our dedicated team is working in compliance with appropriate and up-to-date policies and procedures to ensure your confidence in our service. Regular training in relevant compliance topics is offered to all our staff.

If you have any question about our ethics and compliance program, please speak to one of our directors. Should you ever feel that we did not adhere to any policy or legal requirement, please do not hesitate to discuss that matter with our principal.

Competex Ltd Compliance Audit

For your and our peace of mind, EY Auditors have recently undertaken a very thorough compliance audit of Competex Ltd, which aims to provide you the client with the security that the services you receive and the processes that are undertaken on your behalf are compliant with the law and with HMRC requirements. This audit was based on the FCSA Codes of Compliance.

The assessment included a review of detailed documentation, discussions with management and on site testing, covering compliance in key areas, including:

  • Financial stability
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance management
  • Operation of payroll for clients
  • The tax implications of classifying workers as employed or self-employed, including IR35 consideration if applicable
  • Expenses paid to employed workers
  • Management of tax risk
  • Adequacy and appropriateness of insurance cover
  • Communications and approval requests with clients
  • Take-on procedures

Competex Ltd are pleased to announce that we have passed the compliance review process in August 2020.

Amy FowlerCompliance