IR35 Contract Reviews

The first step that contractors need to take to ascertain their IR35 status is to have a review of their written contract and working practices, by an IR35 professional.

The comprehensive contract review will highlight each relevant clause within your contract and detail why it is a pass or a fail for the IR35 legislation. Your working practices are paramount so they will be scrutinised and individual methods of working will also be judged to be either a pass or a fail. If appropriate, guidance and suggestions will be provided as to how to make your contract and working practices more robust.

Having a contract and working practices review will ensure your IR35 compliance and, if you are subject to an HMRC IR35 enquiry, it will demonstrate that you have taken ‘reasonable steps’ to ascertain your status.

You can obtain an IR35 contract review from Bauer & Cottrell.  You will need to download and complete a status questionnaire and send this to Bauer & Cottrell, together with your contract. Reviews are completed within 5 working days and you will be advised whether you are inside or outside IR35.  An individual contract review costs £175 + VAT or a year’s unlimited IR35 contract reviews costs £225+ VAT.

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