What is the director’s service address?

The service address goes on the public record for the director(s) of the business at Companies House.
Each director must provide Companies House with a service address as well as their residential address. The service address will be on the public record and will be public information but the residential address will be protected information. The service address must be where documents can be delivered and an acknowledgement or receipt can be provided if required. A PO Box or a DX number cannot be used. If a director chooses to use his/her residential address as the service address, the fact that the two addresses are the same will not be apparent from the public record.

You are not obliged to have a separate service address, but if you decide to use a single address for both, this information will be visible through search engines and various third party web sites. As a Competex client, you may use our address for this purpose and for this we will make a small charge. 

Amy FowlerWhat is the director’s service address?