How does FreeAgent help me build my business accounts? [VIDEO]

Watch this short introduction to Competex FreeAgent accounting software for information on how this powerful tool can help you build your business accounts from the ground up.
With the numbers you need at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to make the right decisions for your business at the right time.

FreeAgent automatically builds your real-time business accounts from the bank statements, invoices and expenses that you enter throughout the year.

It also generates a comprehensive set of reports for your business, including profit and loss, trial balance, and balance sheet reports.

If you give your accountant access to FreeAgent, you’ll be able to work on your accounts together in real time. With ready access to your up-to-date accounts, you and your accountant will be able to have a shared understanding of how your business is doing, and your accountant will be able to provide you with accurate relevant advice.

FreeAgent gives you an up to date overview of your accounts, and tracks all of your key figures in real time. At a glance, see how much is coming in and going out of your business, with a breakdown of your cashflow, and use the invoice timeline to see which invoices are paid, due or overdue.

Your dashboard gives you an overview of your current estimates, projects and timeslips. You can even see your individual bank account balances, and an aggregated view of how much you have in the bank in total.

Keep an eye on your expenses and bills, and view your profit and loss using the real-time P&L widget.

With your tax timeline, you should never miss another tax deadline. See your upcoming dates for self-assessment, VAT, Corporation Tax and payroll, and even how much you need to pay.

Start building your customised invoice by choosing from the gallery of professionally designed templates and adding your company logo. Fill in all the details to ensure your client has the right information. Then, either email the invoice as a PDF or print it off and post it to your client.

Add an online payment option to the invoice, and your client will be able to view the invoice online and pay your straight away. You can take the hassle out of chasing clients by setting FreeAgent to send email reminders to late-paying clients.

When your client pays, simply match the payment to the invoice to bring your accounts up to date. You can even set FreeAgent to send an automatic thank you email when the client settles up.

For invoices that you send to a client on a regular basis, simply set up a recurring invoice profile, and FreeAgent will simply send the invoices out automatically.

FreeAgent makes it easy to record and track your business expenses wherever you are. When you are on the go, just use your phone to snap your receipts for your out of pocket expenses, pop the details in and upload them to FreeAgent.

You can import your bank statements into FreeAgent, and then it’s quick and easy to explain expense transactions.

Choose from a comprehensive list of spending categories to allocate your expenses correctly for tax relief. You can even customise this list to suit your business.

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Amy FowlerHow does FreeAgent help me build my business accounts? [VIDEO]