How do I enable my bank feed in FreeAgent? [VIDEO]

Setting up a bank feed is quick and easy in Competex FreeAgent.
Video transcript

Hi, I’m George, and I’m going to show you how to set up a bank feed. First of all, there are a couple of things you need to know.

You’ll need to make sure you know all the details you use to log in to your online bank account. And, that you haven’t logged into it in the last 30 minutes.

When you are ready to start, navigate to ‘Banking’. If you are new to FreeAgent, you may be taken to the Introduction to Banking screen. From there, select ‘View this account’. If you’ve been using FreeAgent for a while, you’ll probably be taken straight to the bank account summary page instead.

Select the bank account that you want to enable the feed for. Next, you’ll need to check that you’ve got the right bank account details in FreeAgent. You can do this by selecting ‘Edit details’ and reviewing your bank account information. If there aren’t any details in place, you can type them in. Be really careful to make sure that your account number and sort code are correct, and you’ve entered them in the right place. It’s always worth a double check. Remember to save your changes at the end.

Now your bank account details are in place, we can get on with the show.

Select ‘Enable Bank Feed’. The first thing you need to do here is search for your banking website. Either type the name of your bank in the search box, and choose the most appropriate option, or choose from the list of popular options below.

Once you’ve selected your banking website, you need to enter your online banking login credentials. The questions that you are asked here may be worded slightly differently to the way your bank words them, but the credentials you need to enter are the same. If you are happy to, agree to the terms of use.

Depending on your banking website, you might then be asked for further login details. The next screen will take a few minutes to load. Please don’t be tempted to navigate away from the page.

You’ll be asked to select which bank account you want to enable the bank feed for. Use the account numbers to identify the right account. If you want to ask FreeAgent to guess the spending categories for your bank transactions, tick the box.

Now it’s time to enable the bank feed. Your bank feed status will show as pending at first. You’ll need to refresh the page to see when the feed has been enabled. It should take around 15 minutes for the bank feed to be enabled. If you can’t see any bank transactions, don’t worry. They should start appearing within 24 hours.

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Amy FowlerHow do I enable my bank feed in FreeAgent? [VIDEO]