Subscription to the HMRC tax investigation fee protection service

This year, HMRC will be working hard to collect more tax revenue from UK companies than ever before. Small businesses are easy targets and most at risk.

HMRC now uses very sophisticated software, obtaining information from multiple sources including tax returns, banks, Companies House, Land Registry, DVLA, PayPal and many more. Discrepancies can potentially trigger an enquiry, regardless of the fact that there is a sound explanation. It for this reason that we want to give you access to the best possible advice and strategies to help you if your business is targeted by HMRC.

Tax investigations are time consuming, stressful and expensive, and investigations can last for many months. During this time you could find yourself incurring accountancy and professional representation fees as well as having to deal with costly business disruption and probing questions. Even if you’re found to owe nothing, you will still have to pay your professional fees.

For a modest annual fee you can safeguard yourself from the cost of the professional fees associated with a tax investigation. In the unfortunate event that you are selected for investigation you can relax safe in the knowledge that there will be no professional fees to pay.

We have entered into a partnership with Croner Taxwise to offer this service, which covers you for up to £100,000 towards professional fees resulting from an HMRC Investigation into either you or your company’s affairs.

  • We and our partners, Croner Taxwise, will provide professional representation on all matters relating to your investigation, ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible and providing you with peace of mind. We also deal directly with the insurers
  • You will have access to the best expertise and knowledge from both Competex and the tax experts at Croner Taxwise in dealing with HMRC
  • You will have peace of mind that the experts are dealing with HMRC on your behalf
  • Dealing with HMRC on your own could make matters worse
  • Early intervention can lead to early resolution
  • Additional tax due can be avoided or mitigated
  • Any compliance check started by HMRC regarding your compliance with Income Tax and/or Corporation Tax Self Assessment: PAYE, National Insurance, Construction Industry, VAT; National Minimum Wage or Gift Aid legislation and regulations
  • Any consequent dispute with HMRC after the issue of an assessment, computation of liabilities, written decision, notice of VAT civil penalty or notice of underpayment of the National Minimum Wage
  • Any claim in respect of Inheritance Tax enquiries, Child Tax Credit enquiries or a compliance check carried out under HMRC Code of Practice 8 (provided fraud is disproved subject to a maximum indemnity of £15,000). Including professional fees incurred in respect of a local review of the enquiry and preparation and representation at an appeal to the First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal or Employment Tribunal and any appeal against such a tribunal’s decision. After an appeal to the Upper Tribunal or where there is no right of appeal to the tribunal, the Policy will cover an application for Judicial Review (subject to a maximum indemnity of £5,000).
The key exclusions are fraud, criminal prosecutions, tax avoidance schemes, deliberate omissions, any tax, fines, penalties or interest that you may be required to pay and any enquiries that commence prior to the commencement date of the policy.

Competex’s Policy containing all of the terms and conditions is available at

In the event of any correspondence or communication from HMRC relating to a potential enquiry or dispute, please speak to your accountant straight away and get immediate professional advice. Your accountant will make a claim against their Policy and credit the proceeds against your liability for fees. You could be liable for fees not covered by the service.
Subscription to this service is priced at £150 + VAT.

To join the scheme, please make payment by BACS or cheque for the full amount of £180.00 by 31st January 2021.

A receipted VAT invoice will be issued upon receipt of payment.

This is an annual service unless you join part way through the service period or we advise you otherwise. The service period will last for 12 months from 31st January 2021 to 31st January 2022.

If payment is received part way through the service period, the service will commence from the date payment is received and your payment will be pro-rated.

If possible, please make your payment via BACS, as this is our preferred method of payment.

Please make your BACS payment for £180.00 to the following account:

Sort Code: 15-20-25

Account Number: 20491887

Ref: <Company name>

If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make the cheque payable to Competex Limited and post it to Competex Limited, The Old Bakery, 47C Blackborough Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 8JX.
Amy FowlerSubscription to the HMRC tax investigation fee protection service